Rimzig's Journal
Friday, October 12, 2001

Bah Naked Newbie Gnome Fun Event
Barelan coordinated a fun event in which we created a new gnome with "Bah" and our main character's name in their gnome name.  The exact activities of this event were a mystery.

Gnomes start gathering outside Ak'Anon

Gnomes challenge each other to duels

Local gnomes are puzzled by the sudden population surge of gnomes.
Was there something in the water?

A plethora of gnomes

Who pulled that train of kobolds?

Loot your corpses, get ready to move

Running from Steamfont Mountains to the Kaladim docks


Arrival at the Kaladim docks

The gnomes tried to dogpile Mheryl, but none of them were tall enough to tackle her

Mheryl was the tall one for once

Mheryl gave the gnomes fast feet


All aboard!

Take your seats, the boat will be departing shortly

Bah! No peanuts or refreshments on this cruise

The passengers are getting restless

Land ahoy! Arrival in at the Freeport docks

Meeting at Ping Fuzzlecutter's camp in West Freeport

Krimzan giving binds in case of death

You feel bound to the area

Who will be the entertainment on stage?

Everyone wants to participate in the entertainment

The dancing entertainment begins

Drunken disco dancing

Dueling at the Freeport arena

Who is the last one left standing?

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