Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, November 3, 2001

Plane of Air Raid Day 1
Titans started at Faerie Isle, took down Gwan for monk epic on Dojorn Isle, cleared Azarack Isle, and cleared all but Overseer of Air on Pegasus Isle.  I forgot to take screenshots but got lots of good loot.

15% permanent haste

Epic piece looted off essence tamer griffon on Pegasus Island.
Only 3 epic pieces remain, Pulsating Green Stone from VS remains in KC, Jade Reaver from a Black Reaver in CoM and a Shattered Emerald of Corruption from any of the bosses in Plane of Hate. 

2 of 3 quest items needed for Dark Cloak of the Sky (AC6 STR7 DEX7 WIS7 AGI7 HP55 effect Haste).
Last quest item needed is the Velvet Cloak off Keeper of Souls on Pegasus Isle.
We took down the Keeper of Souls twice, but no Velvet Cloak.

2 of 3 quest items needed for Earthshaker's Mantle (AC9 STR8 DEX8 WIS8 svFire10 svMagic10 effect 2 charges of Earthquake).
Last quest item needed is Spiroc Earth Totem off Spiroc Lord on Spiroc Isle.

1 of 3 quest items needed for Thunderforged Earring (AC8 DEX8 WIS8 AGI8 Mana25 effect Careless Lightning).
Other two quest items needed are Spiroc Thunder Totem off spirocs and White Gold Earring (unknown who drops).

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