Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, November 4, 2001

Plane of Air Raid Day 2
We cleared the Pegasus Isle again then took down the Overseer of Air.  Then we headed to the Spiroc Isle.

The Plane of Air raid party

Hsrool main tank on the pegasus

The pegasuses keep multiplying

The Titans took down the Overseer of Air who death touches, quads for 750 damage and 300 damage unresistable AE.

Loot dropped from the Overseer of Air.
1 of 4 quest items for Arydryidriyorn (1HS dmg12 dly21 STR8 WIS8 HP50 effect Shield of Brambles).

Battling spirocs on Spiroc Isle

Geronimo!  Leaving the Plane of Air

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