Rimzig's Journal
Friday, November 23, 2001

For Odion's Celestial Fists monk epic quest, the Titans headed to Lake of Ill Omen and pulled Vorash and Deep up from the bloodgill goblin tower in the lake to shore.

Vorash and Deep were taken down which spawns Xenevorash

Xenovash spawned at the bloodgill tower and we pulled him to shore

Guni preparing to give Xenevorash a big bashing

Xenevorash tried to grab Guni's club

Odion looted Xenevorash's Demon Fang and completed his monk epic quest for Celestial Fists.

Next, the Titans headed to Rathe Mountains to take down Brother Zephyl so Dillana could get the Robe of the Lost Circle.

Guni bashing Brother Zephyl while Brother Zephyl gives a flying kick into Guni's gut

Dillana guarding Brother Zephyl's corpse from ninja looters

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