Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, January 5, 2002

Plane of Fear Raid

When the Titans arrived in the Plane of Fear, we were pleasantly surprised to find out Cazic Thule, Fright, Dread, Terror and a broken golem were on track, and Wraith of a Shissir spawned a little later.

Battling some Amygdalan's at port-in camp

Plane of Fear raiding party

The Titans engaging a dracoliche

A dracoliche choosing his next victim

A dracoliche feels the might of the Titans

I inflicted 3,454 damage on a dracoliche during the battle
Shaymus was awarded a Grotesque Girdle (AC8 INT10 WIS10 HP100 Mana100)
Gyrral was awarded a Crimson Robe of Alendine (AC12 INT15 DEX15 HP50 Mana50)

Fright dead.  I inflicted a total of 1,392 damage on Dread during the battle.

Dread and a squid head

Watch out or Dread's going to step on your toes

I inflicted 1,101 damage on Dread during the battle

Terror does not Death Touch, but he will dispell which will break mezzes

I inflicted 1,716 damage on Terror the during battle

Vadraa's big temple pull for casters "Ball of Death" massive AE damage

Half of the Amygdalan's are dead

"Ball of Death" #1 successful

Another big pull for casters "Ball of Death" #2

Lots of casualties for "Ball of Death" #2 but Titans were victorious and it was fun

Wraith of a Shissir for Sephrin's enchanter epic

A broken golem spawned an enraged golem

An enraged golem is being pushed by all the tanks

An enraged Fekie bashing an enraged golem

An enraged golem bashing an enraged Fekie

An enraged golem going down for Jambolten's wizard epic
I inflicted 7,495 damage on an enraged golem

Thorny Vine Greaves dropped off a tentacle tormentor and I had the most Ranger raid points

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