Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, January 10, 2002

Call of Flame Ranger Quest Spell

The last step of the Call of Flame level 49 Ranger fire based 206DD quest spell is handing in the quest items which spawns Vance Bearstalker (level 53) who needs to be killed for his head. I handed in a gift (questing between East Karana, Kithicor and Kaladim), the Electrum Bladed Wakazahi (a separate quest in Mistmoore of turning in the Maid and Butler fangs to an avenging catliff), Adamantite Band (purchased it for 150pp which was easier than camping the reanimated hand in Lower Guk Dead Side for a rare drop) and Barelan multi-quested the Burnt Sash (from imp protectors in Solusek B). Lots of Titans volunteered to assist and Vance Bearstalker was taken down very quickly.

Attacking Vance Bearclaw

Finishing off Vance Bearstalker

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