Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, January 19, 2002

Epic Day

The entire day was spent hunting creatures all over Norrath that dropped epic items.  We hunted Phinny (Phinigel Autropos) in Kedge Keep, Captain Rottgrime in Overthere (6 times for Darnor, Sinena, Starryeyed, Topazz, Yasminah and Zaph Magician epic), Ixiblat Fer in Burning Woods (2 times for Landail and Xestis Cleric epic), then an unexpected VS (Venril Sathir) raid in Karnor's Castle, and finally Brother Zephyl (Syrazz's Monk epic) and Rhahrzar (Fubartic's Shadowknight epic) in Rathe Mountains

Phinny in Kedge Keep

On Phinigel Autropos, I inflicted 1,096 damage in 25 slashes/kicks and received no damage

In Kedge Keep, I was happy to spot a golden haired mermaid on track.  After Phinny, we paid it a visit so I could loot a lock of hair and start the Ranger Raincaller Bow quest.

Raiding party assembled in Otherthere

A cliff golem

Dead cliff golem

Uggrig Skullchomper got in our way, so we took him out too

On Uggrig Skullchomper, I inflicted 686 damage in 21 slashes/kicks and received 376 damage

Another cliff golem receiving a nuke

Captain Rottgrime's corpse for Magician epic

Another Captain Rottgrime

On Captain Rottgrime, I inflicted 658 damage in 25 slashes/kicks and received 286 damage

VS raid party

VS raid party with Slistak as an imp

First pull of VS with VS and a spectral protector on a rampage

Clearing VS's skeletal and spectral protector guards

Second attempt at VS was fast and successful

On Venril Sathir, I inflicted 825 damage in 22 slashes/kicks and received 294 damage

Venril Sathir dropped the following:
Blood Ember Greaves (AC26 STR7 INT7 HP25 effect Feign Death) for Hsrool
Deepwater Greaves (AC26 STR8 AGI7 DEX8 HP50 effect Spirit Strength) for Camenie
Wizard epic item for Jambolten
3 Paladin books for Camenie

Chatting with Brother Zephyl

Battling Brother Zephyl for Syrazz's Monk epic

On Brother Zephyl, I inflicted 1,290 damage in 38 slashes/kicks and received no damage

Fighting Rhahrzar for Fubartic's Shadowknight epic

On Rhahrzar, I inflicted 2,185 damage in 70 slashes/kicks and received no damage

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