Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, January 20, 2002

Plane of Hate Raid

Titans were an unstoppable force as 70 Titans showed up for the plane of Hate Raid.  With this many troops attending, we were able to challenge the god Inny (Innoruuk).

An orc massacre while waiting for the Plane of Hate raid to begin

A very unpleasant hand is being rude by slapping the Titans

A very unpleasant hand is being rude by shooting the bird

The Titans teach a very unpleasant hand a lesson

A very unpleasant hand is going down and dropped a Warrior epic item for Goah

On a very unpleasant hand, I inflicted 265 damage in 11 slashes/kicks and received 119 damage

Wipeout from a train on the second floor

The Titans are assembled to challenge Inny, awaiting orders from Shaymus

The melee and casters are in their assigned positions

Inny is pulled

Inny is one huge, ugly, mean god

Inny is pushed back into the corner

Even though I had no packet loss, I went linkdead in the middle of the battle.  I could not log back online for several minutes because EverQuest kept reporting that I had an active character.  I guess Rimzig was slashing away at Inny even though no one was controlling him.  When I was finally able to log back online, Inny was dead.

Titans are victorious

Titans are anxious to hear what Inny dropped

Innoruuk dropped the following:
Eye of Innoruuk (AC5 INT5 Mana55 svMagic10 effect Chill Sight) Necromancer epic item for Existenz and Arkander
Triumphant Mask (AC10 STR7 AGI7 CHA7 WIS7 svMagic20) for Dandin and Eaglelore
Hotof's Bracer (AC10 STR10 CHA10 WIS10 svFire15 svCold15) for Inari
Pauldrons of Power (AC10 STR9 CHA9 WIS9 INT9 HP30 Mana30) for Sephrin

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