Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, January 27, 2002

Temple of Veeshan Raid

The first Titans raid of the Temple of Veeshan got off to a rocky start with two wipeouts, but ended up smooth raiding with 17 quest armor drops.

In Western Wastes preparing to zone into the Temple of Veeshan

Call of Hero to the West Wing

Preparing for battle

Our first ToV encounter

One drake escaped and brought back reinforcements causing a wipeout

A wurm parked in the wall at our new West Wing location

I inflicted 6,537 damage on a glimmering drake in 101 slashes/kicks and received 950 damage

An uninvited ancient ice wurm defender ran into our room making it a bit crowded

We showed an ancient ice wurm defender the exit to confront him outside

An ancient ice wurm defender was a little upset

I inflicted 3,741 damage to a shimmering green drake in 107 slashes/kicks and received 660 damage

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