Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, February 2, 2002

Plane of Air Raid Day 1

A successful first day raid of the Plane of Air which included Noble Dojorn, Gwan, Protector of Sky and Gorgalosk.

Bring out your dead!  Extra people joining the Plane of Air raid had to die so their corpse could be summoned to the next island.

Battling Noble Dojorn and a bladestorm

I inflicted 623 damage on Noble Dojorn in 18 slashes/kicks/casts and received 255 damage

Battling azaracks

Battling the Protector of the Sky

I inflicted 1,322 damage on the Protector of the Sky in 35 slashes/kicks/casts and received 242 damage.

I inflicted 293 damage on Gorgalosk in 9 slashes/kicks/casts and received no damage

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