Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, February 9, 2002

Fear kiting Rapticor, the named tigeraptor, in Wakening Lands zone

Casting snare and fear to fear kite Rapticor

Panic Animal spell causes fear in animals
Rapticor flees in a state of total panic!

Call of Sky spell imbues weapons held with a 35DD proc
Rapticor is knocked backwards by a concussion of air

Earthcaller Ranger epic weapon procs 40% slow and 500DoT (damage of time)
Rapticor is slowed by the embracing earth

I inflicted 4,760 damage on Rapticor in 143 slashes/kicks/casts/damage shield and received 973 damage.

Temple of Veeshan Raid

An ancient ice wurm's corpse

A glimmering drake being BBQ'd in the fire pot

A fiery temple guardian becoming a hunting trophy to be mounted on the wall

Two ancient ice wurm defenders cast too much AE and wiped out the raid party

Battling a fiery temple guardian

A fiery temple guardian is upset

Battling a glimmer drake

Fire pot roasted ancient ice wurm defender

Battling a lava dancer

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