Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, February 24, 2002

Plane of Fear Raid

A dracoliche unexpectedly aggroed our camp

Battling a dracoliche even though raid party not fully buffed and not full mana

I inflicted 6,166 damage on a dracoliche in 198 slashes/kicks/nukes and received 30 damage.

A dracoliche's corpse

A dracholiche dropped the following:
Grotesque Girdle (AC8 WIS10 INT10 Mana100 HP100) was awarded to Snyariel
Fearsome Shield (AC40 STR15 AGI15 svPoison15 svDisease15 effect Aura of Battle) was awarded to Haylo

Fright also unexpectedly aggroed our raid party

I inflicted 2,076 damage on Fright in 49 slashes/kicks/nukes and received 1,656 damage.

Iksar broodling looks at Fright's corpse and says "Glad that ain't me"

Fright dropped the following:
Blood Fire (1HS dmg11 dly24 effect Boil Blood 600DoT) was awarded to Guni

Battling Dread with some squidheads mezzed

I inflicted 881 damage on Dread in 29 slashes/kicks/nukes and received no damage.

Terror feels the force of the Titans

Terror bashing back

I inflicted 753 damage on Terror in 23 slashes/kicks/nukes and received 450 damage.


Later that evening General Jared Baystich in Echo Caverns spawned, so two groups gathered so warriors could loot his Ornate Sword of the General (dmg10 dly18 STR5 STA5 WIS8 HP35 BRD PAL RNG SHD WAR).

Battling General Jared Baystich in Echo Caverns for his uber sword

General Jared does not give up his sword easily

I inflicted 7,329 damage on General Jared Blaystich in 216 slashes/kicks/nukes and received no damage.

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