Rimzig's Journal
Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Western Wastes Raid

Snyariel led a successful Western Wastes dragon raid limited to 18 level 53+ guildies. The raid was delayed about an hour getting started due to no shows. There were a few deaths at the beginning of the raid but then we got into the routine. We killed about 15 dragons and looted about 10 talisman drops, 10 armor drops and 10 spell drops.

Finished with Hechaeva (level 53 cold and dispell dragon) and battling Bratavar (level 54 cold and dispell dragon)

Bratavar gasps her last breath

Battling Jen Sapara (level 61 magic gravity flux dragon)

Jen Sapara is a tough dragon

Flying monk

Jen Sapara wants Titans snacks

Jen Sapara's corpse

Quoza (level 53 dragon)

It's getting a bit toasty

Glati again (level 54 fire and dispell dragon)

Glati needs a mint

Glati's corpse

Gafala (level 53 fire and dispell dragon) 

Gafala up close

Gafala's dead so battling cragwyrm add

Cragwyrm going down

I was awarded Peerless Dragonspine Vambraces that dropped

The vambraces have good stats but an ugly, non-matching turquoise color

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