Rimzig's Journal
Friday, March 14, 2002

Melee Battle Royale Event

There was a shout throughout Norrath that melee classes could enter the Battle Royale at The Arena for 5pp per level. I wasn't busy so I took the Nexus port to NK and ran to The Arena. The Arena door was closed and when we got a bind and paid admission to GM Altazar, then we were summoned into The Arena.

Melees that entered the Melee Battle Royale

Melees waiting for the event to begin

The rules were simple: no levitate, no invis, no FD. GM Altazar instructed everyone to gather around him and he dispelled all of us. GM Altazar said "GO!" and the fighting began. I quickly cast wolf form for fast running and ran around in circles around the platform bowing other players with arrows. Another player eventually singled me out and cast dispell on me dropping my wolf form. I was at a standstill as he started hitting me. I quickly cast wolf form and ran off but he still had me targeted. I was dispelled again and hurt more, but I was able to re-cast wolf form without being interrupted and ran off again. The third time I was dispelled, I was being beat on by three players and was quickly killed.

GM Altazar (big barbarian in black) awarded Sever (60 Paladin) the title of "Duke Sever The Champion of War" for winning the competition

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