Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, March 15, 2002

On my way through Eastern Wastes, I noticed a lot of Ry'Gorr Oracles and Kromrif Elite on track

Someone must have failed the at the 8th Coldain Insignia Ring quest so the Ry'Gorr fort is overrun with Ry'Gorr orcs and Kromrif giants

Trakanon Raid

We got Call of Hero to the ledge in Old Sebilis near Trakanon's lair

Pulling sebilite juggernauts to clear a path to Trakanon's lair

Battling a sebilite juggernaut

Battling a froglok reet knight while a sebilite juggernaut is mezzed

A nearly dead sebilite juggernaut warped and eventually aggro'ed Trakanon to the ledge

We got Trakanon down to 10% health and then it gated to its lair which wiped out the surviving Titans

Trakanon attempt #2 with Call of Hero to the Reet Room

The sebilite protector was cleared from Trakanon's lair

Engaging Trakanon in its lair

I am slashing Trakanon as he eats Topazz alive

Trakanon feels the force of the mighty Titans

Trakanon is parked on the boulder

The Trakanon battle took 41 seconds.
I inflicted 1,830 damage to Trakanon in 38 slashes/kicks and received 426 direct damage plus DoT damage that resulted in my death.
I had 38 hits and 26 misses for 59% hit rate and 44.63 damage per second.

The Titans look upon their victory

The Titans battle a few wandering sebilite juggernauts while awaiting to hear what loot Trakanon dropped

Trakanon dropped the following:
4 Veeshan's Peeks keys awarded to Shaymus, Inari, Scerion and Snyriel
Elder Spiritist's Breasplate (AC17 DEX6 WIS9 AGI6 MANA80 effect Chloroplast) awarded to Izzdan
Blood Ember Breastplate (AC40 STR12 DEX8 STA8 AGI8 effect Major Shielding) awarded to Fekie

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