Rimzig's Journal
Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Hunting hill giants in Rathe Mountains for about 300pp per hour

Broog Bloodbeard (level 46) showed up on hill giant hill.  I thought he would be a good challenge at a dark blue con.  Broog bashed hard with triple hits up to 121 damage.  I slashed for a short time before getting low on health, then I let Chloroplast heal me up while I bow kited and DoTTed Broog with Stinging Swarm 117DoT from my Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces.  Broog had tons of hit points so it took half an hour with six attack and recover sessions before he went down.  I was disappointed that Broog had no special loot, only dropped a Fine Steel weapon, a topaz gem and hill giant toes.

On Broog Bloodbeard, I inflicted 6,223 damage (and additional unrecorded DoT damage) in 204 slashes/kicks/arrows and received 5,409 damage.

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