Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, March 30, 2002

Temple of Veeshan Raid

Battling an ancient ice wurm defender

An ancient ice wurm defender joins the fate of a fiery temple guardian

Drakes such as this onyx sky drake have a very small melee range, it is easier to stand back and shoot them with arrows than to fight through the crowd to get close enough to melee

Battling an ancient ice wurm defender

Battling a fiery watcher

A fallen ancient ice wurm defender

We killed an ancient ice wurm defender just in time because he was about to eat Camenie

More ancient ice wurm defenders

An elder temple defender needs a mint

A fiery watcher's last breath

Battling an ancient sky drake and a glimmering drake

A fiery temple guardian feels the might of the Titans

A fiery temple guardian is a bit upset

Battling another elder temple defender

A fiery temple guardian going down

An elder temple defender going down

Main tank checking our latest victim

ADD! ADD!  Two elder temple defenders and a cerulean sky gazer wiped us out at the end of the ToV raid.

I was awarded Ancient Tarnished Chain Boots for the ToV Kael quest Forest Stalker's Boots.

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