Rimzig's Journal
Wednesday, April 3, 2002

I was invited to a Maiden's Eye group with Sinikus, Patrista, Camenie, Arkander and Alaya.  I suggested the Umbral Plains zone of Maiden's Eye because 4 arms (Xin Thall Centien) near there drop uber loots.  There was a large room with plenty of space for hunting at the Umbral Plains zone.  I used harmony for single pulls until we broke up the spawns.  An Xin Thall Centien and two Xi spawn and stay outside the entrance to the large room, and many Xi wander outside nearby.  Camenie pulled, Camenie and I tanked, Alaya mezzed adds, Alaya and Patrista slowed, Patrista and Camenie healed, and Sinikus and Arkander did their evil stuff.

Fireworks during battle

Battling Mr. 4 Arms

Flailing your 4 arms doesn't scare us

Wonder if 4 arms can equip 4 weapons

No use running away 4 arms

I won the roll on the Shrouded Medallion that dropped off an Xi.
Nice neck item with AC, strength, mana and resists.

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