Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, April 7, 2002

As I continue to search for the illusive Stormfeather and Lodizal in Iceclad, I spotted another rare spawn on track named Garou so I paid him a visit.

Garou is a fairly tough light blue con to level 55 caster who will gate when he is low on health

The Garou battle took 90 seconds.
I inflicted 2,854 damage to Garou in 94 slashes/kicks/nukes and received 1,466 damage.

Garou dropped the Fang of the Garou but can also drop the Skin of the Garou for the Garou Bone Club quest

Temple of Veeshan Raid

Two fiery temple guardians feeling the might of the Titans

Two fiery temple guardians getting mad, but still no match for the Titans

An ancient wyvern from North ToV decided to pay us a visit in the West Wing

An ancient wyvern continuously rampaged but he was still no match for the Titans

Battling an ancient ice wurm defender and a glimmer drake

An ancient ice wurm defender gasps its last breath

An emerald sky defender is pushed back against the wall

Battling an emerald sky defender

An ancient ice wurm defender didn't take kindly to the fire comet to the face

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