Rimzig's Journal
Friday, April 12, 2002

Titans assemble in Trakanon's lair preparing for Jeanpaul's epic spawned Trakanon

Undead bard slain to spawn Trakanon

Trakanon is spawned

Trakanon is grumpy from being awakened

Trakanon is a huge, ugly, fierce dragon

Trakanon is a contortionist

Trakanon will not evade the Titans

Trakanon down

Trakanon doesn't look so tough when dead

The Trakanon battle took 1 minutes 56 seconds.
I inflicted 1,789 damage to Trakanon in 47 slashes/kicks and received 426 damage.

Trakanon dropped the following:
Cloak of Piety (AC12 STR12 WIS12 INT12 svMagic10 svFire10 effect Permanent Haste) awarded to Arcam

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