Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, April 20, 2002

I had acquired 3 of the 4 map pieces for the Eyepatch of Plunder quest on March 9th. All that was left was the map piece from Stormfeather, a griffin in Iceclad with a agonizing 19 to 72 hour spawn and usually camped. On March 10th, I spotted Lodizal in Iceclad and began kiting him until the Titans forces arrived and took down the great turtle. Chewee was awarded his 1st map piece from the Lodizal that I had spotted. I had noticed the dire wolf stalker was on track earlier, so I told Chewee. Chewee and I hunted the dire wolf stalker and Chewee had two map pieces within minutes thanks to my help. For the next month and a half, I camped Stormfeather on and off for numerous hours but only saw Chewee at the Stormfeather camp the last few days.

Log of Events
I was done hunting for the night and headed from Eastern Wastes to Iceclad to check for Lodizal and Stormfeather and log off for the night. Then I could log on at the Stormfeather camp in the morning.
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:08 2002] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:30 2002] You have entered Iceclad Ocean.
I check who is in the zone.
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] Players on EverQuest:
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] ---------------------------
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [27 Ranger] Hagman (Human) <Glorious Rising>
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [32 Paladin] Baldaine (Dwarf)
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [39 Ranger] Bembil (Half Elf) <Descending Essence>
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [ANONYMOUS] Bafus <Shades of Twilight>
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [60 Warlord] Blades (Barbarian)
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [52 Heretic] Grimbek (Dark Elf)
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [56 Preserver] Ryochan (Wood Elf) <Glorious Rising>
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [39 Paladin] Tharsh (Dwarf) <Iron Disciples>
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] [56 Outrider] Rimzig (Wood Elf) <Titans>
[Sat Apr 20 22:57:38 2002] There are 9 players in Iceclad Ocean.
Not many players in Iceclad. Note that Chewee is not in the zone. I proceed to cross the dragon portal island.
[Sat Apr 20 23:00:59 2002] Chewee says out of character, 'Anyone happen to know if Stormfeather spawned today/'
[Sat Apr 20 23:01:09 2002] Ryochan says out of character, 'Just killed him'
Just killed him generally means killed him a few minutes ago and his corpse has been looted, so I wasn't expecting to get Stormfeather tonight.
[Sat Apr 20 23:01:18 2002] Chewee says out of character, 'Your kidding'
[Sat Apr 20 23:01:26 2002] Ryochan says out of character, 'nope'
I arrive at the Stormfeather camp. I visually look around and don't see anyone. I check track and see two players close by on track, so I investigate to see who is camping Stormfeather.
[Sat Apr 20 23:05:55 2002] You begin tracking Hagman.
[Sat Apr 20 23:05:55 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
[Sat Apr 20 23:05:57 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
[Sat Apr 20 23:05:59 2002] Hagman is ahead and to the left.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:01 2002] Hagman is ahead and to the left.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:03 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:05 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:07 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:09 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:11 2002] Hagman is straight ahead.
On the back side of the hill, I see Ryochan in the loot position on Stormfeather's corpse, but he is not looting. I check the time on the corpse.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:53 2002] This corpse will decay in 1 minute(s) 53 seconds.
[Sat Apr 20 23:06:59 2002] This corpse will decay in 1 minute(s) 47 seconds.
[Sat Apr 20 23:07:09 2002] You say, 'What are you waiting on?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:07:12 2002] This corpse will decay in 1 minute(s) 33 seconds.
[Sat Apr 20 23:07:25 2002] You say, 'One minute on corpse'
[Sat Apr 20 23:07:38 2002] Ryochan says, 'we know'
[Sat Apr 20 23:07:55 2002] Ryochan says, 'we have someone coming to look'
To look sounded like they needed someone to confirm the loot, but time was running out.
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:00 2002] Ryochan says, 'let him have it'
Who was him? Was Ryochan starting a new sentence telling Hagman out loud to let him (me who was there) have it because it was going to rot before the someone arrived? Or was Ryochan continuing the first sentence announcing to let someone else look, but no one else was here except Ryochan and Hagman? I was a bit confused.
Ryochan released the corpse which seemed like he was offering it up for loot.

I proceeded to inspect at the corpse. It contained the map piece. I stood there for a few seconds and they didn't say anything.
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:09 2002] This corpse will decay in 0 minute(s) 36 seconds.
Time was running out. No time to type and ask questions and wait for response before rotting.
Chewee arrives. I thought he was a spectator.
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:12 2002] Chewee says, 'sigh'
I continue to wait, but no one made any comments saying do not loot or let Chewee loot.
I loot the map piece from Stormfeather.
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:18 2002] --You have looted a Second part of an Iceclad Map.--
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:22 2002] Chewee says, 'mn '
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:26 2002] Chewee says, 'that is f**ked up'
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:37 2002] Chewee says, 'Thanks alot Rimzig'
[Sat Apr 20 23:08:58 2002] You say, 'Was it for you?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:09:07 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'you did not'
[Sat Apr 20 23:09:57 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'did you loot it or not?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:10 2002] You told Ryochan, 'Yes'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:12 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'Why?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:19 2002] Chewee says, 'I even talked to him about looting it Rimzig'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:20 2002] You told Ryochan, 'It was about to rot'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:24 2002] Chewee says, 'Weak'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:27 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'No it wasn't'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:35 2002] Hagman says, 'Unbelievable'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:37 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'pettioning that was for Chewee'
[Sat Apr 20 23:10:40 2002] Hagman says, 'Sorry Chewee'
[Sat Apr 20 23:11:29 2002] You say, 'I did not know it was for Chewee'
[Sat Apr 20 23:11:36 2002] Hagman says, 'Hard to believe people loot corpses they didn't kill without asking permission'
[Sat Apr 20 23:11:40 2002] Ryochan says, 'you didn't ask'
[Sat Apr 20 23:11:43 2002] You say, 'It only had a few seconds left'
[Sat Apr 20 23:11:54 2002] Hagman says, 'And we told you we knew the time didn't we'
[Sat Apr 20 23:11:59 2002] You say, 'No time to type and ask, it would have rotted'
[Sat Apr 20 23:12:04 2002] Ryochan says, 'no it had pleant of time more than 30 secs'
[Sat Apr 20 23:12:13 2002] Chewee says, 'No it wouldnt have I was right here'
I checked on which GMs were online so I could prepare for Ryochan's petition and state the events that happened.
[Sat Apr 20 23:15:30 2002] Players in EverQuest:
[Sat Apr 20 23:15:30 2002] ---------------------------
[Sat Apr 20 23:15:30 2002] * Guide *[50 Magician] Viani (Gnome) ZONE: airplane
[Sat Apr 20 23:15:30 2002] There is 1 player in EverQuest.
I stay in the same spot waiting to talk to a GM.
[Sat Apr 20 23:43:25 2002] You told Ryochan, 'Did you petition? Because I am waiting to speak to a GM about this'
[Sat Apr 20 23:43:41 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'yes I did'
[Sat Apr 20 23:43:48 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'talking to one now'
[Sat Apr 20 23:43:54 2002] You told Ryochan, 'ok, thanks'
I decided to tell Ryochan some of the history of me and Cheweee and the Eyepatch of Plunder quest.
[Sat Apr 20 23:48:04 2002] You told Ryochan, 'Just so you know, I had the 3 map pieces before Chewee did. In fact, I helped Chewee get the Lodizal and dire wolf stalker map pieces after I got mine. Then Chewee left our guild.'
[Sat Apr 20 23:48:32 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'that's of no consern for me he asked first and it was my kill.'
[Sat Apr 20 23:50:34 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'talked to the GM nothing they can do about moving the item'
[Sat Apr 20 23:51:09 2002] You told Ryochan, 'Who did you talk to?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:51:31 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'the guide that's online now'
Guide Viani contacts me.
[Sat Apr 20 23:54:38 2002] Viani tells you, 'Hello this is Guide Viani. You have been petitioned for looting an item off another's kill. Would you like to explain?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:54:54 2002] You told Viani, 'Yes, I'll explain'
[Sat Apr 20 23:54:55 2002] Ryochan tells you, 'The GM's will handle this I'm bowing out. told Chewee the same thing'
[Sat Apr 20 23:57:28 2002] You told Viani, 'Stormfeather was about to rot, they were not looting and unclear on their intentions, I looted in the last few seconds'
[Sat Apr 20 23:57:46 2002] Viani tells you, 'So you didn't mean to be malicious basically?'
[Sat Apr 20 23:58:42 2002] You told Viani, 'Correct. I have camped Stormfeather for many hours. I have the other 3 map pieces to complete the quest. They intended for Chewee to loot.'
[Sat Apr 20 23:58:50 2002] Viani tells you, 'Okay in the future I ask that you ASK the others (people who killed the mob) so that this situation doesn't occur again. I won't give you a warning, just that advice. '
[Sat Apr 20 23:59:10 2002] Viani tells you, '=)'
[Sat Apr 20 23:59:30 2002] Viani tells you, 'There meant to be a smiley after that, didn't mean for it to sound so hard'
[Sun Apr 21 00:00:17 2002] You told Viani, 'I had my 3 map pieces before Chewee. In fact, I helped Chewee get the Lodizal and Dire wolf stalker map pieces after I got mine. Then Chewee left our guild for an unknown reason.'
[Sun Apr 21 00:00:57 2002] You told Viani, 'I would have asked more clearly, but didn't have time to type with only a few seconds left'
[Sun Apr 21 00:01:53 2002] Viani tells you, 'Understood'
Sounds like I get to keep the map piece, so I proceed to a lost pirate complete the Eyepatch of Plunder quest.
[Sun Apr 21 00:14:22 2002] You say, 'Hail, a lost pirate'
[Sun Apr 21 00:14:22 2002] a lost pirate twitches and growls a little. 'Arrr. Grrr. Ahoy, mate. The name's Teep.' He shivers and you notice a little drool at the corner of his mouth. 'Ya ain't lost out here too, are ya?'
[Sun Apr 21 00:14:29 2002] You say, 'I will find it'
[Sun Apr 21 00:14:29 2002] a lost pirate laughs. 'Its yer funeral, boyo. I'm not even sure they're readable. Oh, well. Here, take this. It's the cover of the book I was puttin' the map in. If ya get the first four parts, put em in there. If ya get the fifth, just go give it ta Ami the way ya find it. Hey, if ya find em all, come get me so I can find me way back. I'm thinkin' I'd like ta go back now.'
I receive the box to combine the map pieces. The box will not open so I log off and log back online (I had read about that bug). I put the map pieces in the box and click Combine.
[Sun Apr 21 00:16:33 2002] You have fashioned the items together to create something new!
I give the combined map pieces to a lost pirate.
[Sun Apr 21 00:17:03 2002] a lost pirate grins widely and slaps you on the arm. 'Har har! You're crazier than I am. And since I know that I must not be that crazy after all. Ahh, I haven't felt this good in ages..' He shuffles the pieces and jots down a few notes here and there. 'There, now it's really finished. Let's get us outta here. Hold this fer me.' As he starts to try and crawl up the hill, a sleek figure darts towards him.
[Sun Apr 21 00:17:03 2002] You gain experience!!
I take the completed map to Captain Nalot.
[Sun Apr 21 00:20:15 2002] You say, 'Hail, Captain Nalot'
[Sun Apr 21 00:20:15 2002] Captain Nalot squints at you through one eye, the other covered by a metallic eyepatch. 'Garrr. What `ave we here? Another beller yellied land blubber eh? By the looks of ye someones mudder didnt know when ta throw a bad fish back. HAR HAR!'
[Sun Apr 21 00:21:08 2002] Captain Nalot squints and then knocks hard on the metal half of his face to get his eye back in adjustment.. 'Arrr. This is perfect. Har! Now we can be plannin' our pillagin' and plunderin' all proper like. Good work, Rimzig!' Captain Nalot slaps you on the back and accidentally drops his eyepatch. Being a proper pirate now you conveniently forget to mention it to him.
[Sun Apr 21 00:21:08 2002] You gain experience!!
I am now the proud owner of an Eyepatch of Plunder
[Sun Apr 21 00:23:31 2002] Your Eyepatch of Plunder begins to glow.
[Sun Apr 21 00:23:35 2002] You are filled by the spirit of water.

I feel bad about looting without permission but the situation was a bit confusing and there was no time to discuss. I do feel I deserved Stormfeather's map piece over Chewee because I had my 3 map pieces before Chewee even started and I helped Chewee get his map pieces. Also I had probably camped Stormfeather more than Chewee because I only saw Chewee at the Stormfeather camp the last few days. Lastly, I was in the zone and I arrived at the Stormfeather corpse before Chewee.

The next morning I discovered I no longer possessed the Eyepatch of Plunder. I now possess 3 of the 4 map pieces, missing the Stormfeather map piece.

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