Rimzig's Journal
Friday, April 26, 2002

I had taken a day of vacation from work.  I logged on at the Stormfeather camp at 9AM CT.  No other players were nearby on track.  Later in the day, some Blood Alliance guild members arrived.  They stood on the hill, but I knew that wasn't where Stormfeather spawns.  I had talked with a player who watched Stormfeather spawn and he said Stormfeather spawns at the tree edge uphill from the three gnomes playing cards and dice, and then Stormfeather roams up the hill.  Most players kill him on the hill where he wanders, therefore they think that's where he spawns.  I stood at the three gnome tree and turned the sound volume up while I did chores around the house.  At almost 1PM CT, while I was in the room sorting credit card receipts, I am startled from a loud "ARG! UGH! OOF!".  Stormfeather had spawned and was attacking.  I quickly engaged.  The other Stormfeather campers hadn't even noticed Stormfeather had spawned.

Stormfeather was slain a few feet downhill from where he spawned

[Fri Apr 26 12:43:04 2002] (Central Time) You have slain Stormfeather!

I looted the last map piece and Stormfeather Talons from Stormfeather.  I had already done a trial run of completing the Eyepatch of Plunder quest so I knew exactly what to do.  A few minutes later, I was the proud owner of the Eyepatch of Plunder.

Self only 20% spell haste lasts 10 minutes

After admiring my Eyepatch of Plunder, I settled down in Iceclad on the ice patches near the gnolls to watch for Lodizal.  I continued to do chores around the house when I noticed that the gnolls were gone from the nearby ice patch and sea walruses were happily not being hunted.  I checked track and Lodizal was up with no players nearby on track.  I alerted the guild that Lodizal was up, stuck Lodizal with an arrow, and began kiting Lodizal.

Lodizal being kited while waiting for Titans forces to arrive

Titans forces were ready so I brought Lodizal to them

Titans engage Lodizal

Lodizal is hit with fireworks

Impressive Lodizal fireworks show

[Fri Apr 26 18:07:47 2002] (Central Time) Titans have slain Lodizal!

Lodizal dropped the following:
Fourth Part of an Iceclad Map for Eyepatch of Plunder quest awarded to Goah because he had two other map pieces
Knotted Turtlebone Ring (AC5 STR3 HP25 MANA35 effect permanent Enduring Breath) high roll to Kamilla
Knotted Turtlebone Ring (AC5 STR3 HP25 MANA35 effect permanent Enduring Breath) low roll to Mheryl
Section of Lodizal's Shell for Lodizal Shell Shield quest awarded to me for camping Lodizal

Ssraeshza Temple

After Lodizal, it was time for Ssraeshza Temple. Unfortunately, no bosses we could handle were up, but we got a few good spell drops.

A Temple Patroller gives a karate chop

Hunting snakes at the temple entrance

More snakes inside the temple

We had fun in skeletal illusion form

Taskmaster Veznkah hisses and strikes

Taskmaster Veznkah will not evade the Titans

I inflicted 2,559 damage on Rhozth Ssravizh in 86 slashes/kicks for 24.84 damage per second

After Ssraeshza Temple, I went to Scarlet Desert to solo fear kite some scarlet cheetahs before calling it a night. Kaedail who was hunting in Maiden's Eye announced that an Axgoreth's Belt of Defense had dropped that he couldn't use and there was 28 minutes left before it rotted.  I quickly ran from Scarlet Desert to Maiden's Eye.  In Maiden's Eye, I brought an impressive train to the Umbral Plains zone because a see invis monkey hit me on the way.  The train almost killed me but I made it through the Umbral Plains zone, healed myself, then zoned back to Maiden's Eye to loot the belt.

Today was an awesome day in EverQuest!

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