Rimzig's Journal
Saturday, May 11, 2002

Plane of Air Raid Day 2

The Titans engage the Keeper of Souls on the Pegasus Island

Titans battling Keeper of Souls

How much is a Pegasus Bridle?

Keeper of Souls will not evade the Titans

Keeper of Souls dropped the Fine Velvet Cloak quest item for the Dark Cloak of the Sky quest

After the Plane of Air raid, I completed the Dark Cloak of the Sky quest in the Quest Hall

50% haste spell with 15 second duration (almost like a bard song)

Who opening the uncooked Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket?

Awesome battle with Titans surviving from all the parrot pecking without a wipeout

The Titans engage the boss parrot

The Spiroc Lord ain't get'n no cracker

Big bird is dead

Wasp Island with killer hornets

Bzzzt the big bixie

Attack of the bloated bixie butt

Anyone need a feast of Bazzt Zzzt bixie crunchies?

Drakes on the Drake Island giving us a Gravity flux


End of a good raid getting farther in Plane of Air than we ever had before

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