Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, May 19, 2002

Today was a slow but fun day with the Titans. I volunteered to help Darnor to get Burning Embers Magician epic item from Nezekezena the wurm in Burning Woods. Darnor, Rjbolt, Augustus, Dyonopses/Graffixamus, Kuark and I hunted the north spawn location for hours with no sign of Nezekezena. We moved to the south spawn location and Nezekezena spawned within minutes. Congratulations Darnor on an epic item!

After BW, we headed to South Karanas to get a Robe of the Lost Circle Monk epic item from Brother Qwinn for Dyonopses. More Titans gathered and we took down Bro Q, but he betrayed us by not dropping the Robe of the Lost Circle. Some of us headed to Rathe Mountains to try Brother Zephyl next. When we arrived in RM, Bro Z was on track but as we got close he dropped off track (was killed or despawned). We spent several hours killing "a drake"s and Hasten, but no Bro Z. I headed back to SK to track for Bro Q while they continuted to try to spawn Bro Z. As I was sitting on the top of the middle Paw spire in SK tracking for Bro Q, I spotted Quillmane on track. I tracked the pegasus down, no one was close by, so I clipped his wings. I was surpized to find a Pegasus Feathered Cloak on his corpse when I have been so used to looting Feathered Leggings. I already have a Pegasus Feathered Cloak so I knew that the cloak was not LORE or I would not have engaged Quill. If the cloak was LORE, I would have seen if a Titans magician could make it to SK while I kited Quill. Now I have an extra Pegasus Feathered Cloak available for magician epic MQ. Since Gyrral and Darnor already have cloaks assigned, I believe Yasminah is next in line. Congratulations Yasminah on an epic item! Finally, Bro Z spawned so I headed back to RM. Kuark tried to pull Bro Z to the Feerrott zone, but Bro Z was faster SoW. We all then went to Bro Z instead of bringing Bro Z to us, but as we were buffing everyone forgot to hail Bro Z and he went running off again. After stopping Bro Z again, we finally gave him smack back but he also betrayed us by not dropping the Robe of the Lost Circle. Sorry for the bad luck Dyonopses, we'll try again later. Since Paumil had arrived, we could get the Drake Spine Shadowknight epic item off Rharzar for him. As Dewtuparte had just arrived back to rez himself, I was tracking for Rharzar when he spotted me first. I brought Rharzar back to the camp and I started engaging, but they were not ready for heals so I quickly went down. The group finished off Rharzar and Paumil got his epic item. Congratulation Paulmil on Drake Spine! Lesson learned: I should have kited Rharzar instead of bringing him straight to an unprepared camp.

Although it was a slow day with a lot of waiting for spawns, it was enjoyable participating and chatting with the Titans.

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