Rimzig's Journal
Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I woke up from my camp to hear the guild was slaying the dragon Faydedar. I couldn't make it there in time but congratulations to Aulerila on her leaf blower. I hunted Rockhoppers in Dawnshroud while waiting for a group to form after the dragon slaying, and was saddened to discover that at 58 a few Rockhoppers are now trivial battles (no experience). Since I am a skilled Rockhopper hunter, I don't even bother pulling the Rockhoppers out of the cave anymore, I just snare and fear them inside the cave (which tends to annoy the other pullers although their pulls don't aggro on me). I had a couple trains with adds in the cave, but I got them under control once I got outside the cave (which again annoyed the other Rockhopper hunters).

I joined a Maiden's Eye group that formed at the Dawnshroud zone. The group consisted of a black bear and a grizzly bear (Irgaak and Rengard), a hulking ogre (Raggrim), a human skilled in the sword and axe (Zedmore) and a white wolf (myself). The ogre pulled gargantuan monkeys, annoying aliens and wiggling worms, and we all hacked and slashed and bashed them to rid Norrath of evil. I snared the mobs and used Jolt to keep the mob's hatred on the warriors. My Ranger experience increased by half a blue bubble by the time the group dispersed after an hour of hunting.

When the Maiden's Eye group broke up, I asked Zedmore is he wanted to join me at my secret solo camp. He agreed, so I stopped by the Bazaar to pick up mind enlightening KEI from an enchanter, then we used the services of Velious Scion to get to Eastern Wastes near the Great Divide zone. At the Coldain camp, I would place the Coldain Bodyguards in a trance with Harmony then hit one with an arrow to single pull him out of his hut. Zedmore and I sliced and diced the Coldain Bodyguards and they liked it because they kept saying, "Wee wee wee", and then showed up again five minutes later for more. With KEI, I pulled Coldain Bodyguards non-stop because I had enough mana for heals at the end of each battle. After an hour of hunting Coldain Bodyguards, I needed to setup camp to get some rest. My Ranger experience had increased by another half blue bubble and Zedmore reported his Warrior experience had increased by nearly a whole blue bubble.

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