Rimzig's Journal
Sunday, June 2, 2002

The Titans assisted Kuark with his druid epic encounter with the sea dragon Faydedar in Timorous Deep.

Faydedar is triggered and arrived on shore

Faydedar attempts to fear me while healers are vigorously working their magic

Faydedar attempts to escape to the inn

Faydedar is slain

Hunting Dinus, the named raptor, on small raptor isle

After Faydedar, my mind was enlightened by Kodiac's Endless Intellect from Sephrin so I decided to solo fear kite raptors in Timorous Deep until KEI faded.  Raptors have an enormous aggro range, but I managed to clear an area of beach for good kiting and then had the spawns spread out.  About 33% of the raptors conned dark blue, so it was good experience.  At one time I had two raptors on me and by the time I killed them both, I only had 200HP left.  Two more clawings from the raptors could have easily killed me and TD is an awful place for a corpse recovery.

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