Rimzig's Journal
Friday, September 6, 2002

Umbral Plains Raid

Razule spotted Radir Fireshower on track in Umbral Plains so the Titans paid him a visit

Radir was a gimp alien

When Radir is slain, his spirit lives on

Spirit of Radir is much tougher than Radir Fireshower

Battling the Spirit of Radir

Spirit of Radir will not evade the Titans

Titans are victorious and await the announcement of the loot

Spirit of Radir dropped the following:
Darkblood Sword (2HS dmg43 dly49 STR15 STA5 WIS5 INT5 WAR PAL RNG SHD) awarded to Raggrim
Bracelet of Quickness (AC10 DEX15 AGI15 svAll6 ALL/ALL) awarded to Kenaraa

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