Rimzig's Journal
Monday, October 21, 2002

Derakor the Vindicator
Titans and Veeshan's Talons guilds combine forces to take on Derakor the Vindicator in Kael

Vindi is pulled into the corner

Psyclops, the main tank, is holding aggro on Vindi

All other tanks are attacking Vindi from behind

Vindi's hatred has been diverted to someone else

Vindi starts attacking others

The battle continues with Vindi out of control

At this point Vindi begins attacking me.  He hits hard and my health drops rapidly, but I remain calm until the very last moment.  When there just a speck of red health left, I engage my level 60 Ranger discipline of Weaponshield.  Weaponshiled parries all attacks for 20 seconds.  During those 20 seconds, I maintained aggro and received no heals.  Within the 20 seconds Weaponshield was active, Vindi was slain and I survived the battle with the speck of health (no Ranger down).

Derakor the Vindicator is slain

Titans and Veeshan's Talons admire their victory

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