Rimzig's Journal
Thursday, November 14, 2002

Velketor the Sorcerer
Velk was reported up so Hyperion mobilized to Velketor's Labyrinth

Sephrin with his cute pet Icepaw kobold at the Upper Kobold camp on the way to Velk

Engaging Velketor the Sorcerer

Velk buckles under the might of Hyperion

Velk is holding a sword

Melees are hacking and slashing fiercely

Velk is weakening

The nuking begins

Velk is slain a few moments later

Velketor the Sorcerer dropped the following:
Boots of Bladecalling (AC10 STA9 INT12 MANA55 MR10 effect Shock of Swords 600DD MAG) awarded to Darnor
Gloves of Bladecalling (AC2 STA5 INT5 effect Sword of Rune summon 1HS sword MAG) awarded to Darnor
Velketor's Spell Book (primary MANA100 INT8 CHA5 STA10 MR20 FR10 CR10 DR5 PR5 ENC MAG NEC WIZ) awarded to Ailya
Silver Sword of Yalrek (1HS dmg13 dly24 svFire15) awarded to Seriak

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