Rimzig's Journal
Monday, December 23, 2002

I joined Sephrin hunting sun revenants for a lucid shard at the pond in The Grey.  The sun revenants were highly fire resistant and somewhat cold resistant, so I switched out my Fleshgrinder (effect Fireblast 160DD fire) and Call of Fire (90DD Ranger self proc fire spell) for Fluxbladed Axe (effect Chaos Flux 150DD magic) and Call of Sky (35DD Ranger self proc magic spell).

A sun revenant gets a taste of Chaos Fluxx 150DD from my Fluxbladed Axe

A sun revenant tries to step on me to squish me

A Shissar Stalker is Sephrin's pet which I have equipped with a foraged Petrified Bone Club (1HB dmg5 dly29)

A sun revenant is hit with Call of Sky 35DD Ranger self proc

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