Rimzig's Journal
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Venril Sathir & Tawro

Venril Sathir spawned from Venril Sathir's Remains

Venril Sathir was slain in record time

Venril Sathir dropped the following:
Pulsating Green Stone awarded to Karrisma
Pulsating Green Stone awarded to Paulerino

Evidence that bards really do prance when they fight

Tawro Icequake takes a snow nap spawning the Spirit of Tawro

Engaging the Spirit of Tawro

Spirit of Tawro fought dirty by punching Koulesh with a low blow where it hurts

Spirit of Tawro also takes a snow nap like his alien body

Spirit of Tawro dropped the following:
Stave of Wit (2HB dmg30 dly35 INT25 CHA25 HP50 MANA100 ENC MAG NEC WIZ) awarded to Invokeur
Bracelet of Beauty (AC12 CHA15 svAll6) awarded to Chaellea

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