Rimzig's Journal
Friday, February 21, 2003

Plane of Nightmares Hedge Maze for Lair of Theris Thule Flagging

Protect Thelin Poxbourne as he wanders through the hedge maze in the Plane of Nightmares.  Thelin will encounter two spawns, then three, four, five, six and seven spawns, and finally the boss.  Only 18 players can participate in protecting Thelin in his journey.

Thelin encounters two bloodthirsty ravens and an abhorrent nightstalker

Hyperion protects Thelin

Thelin encounters four creatures of Nightmare

Malifon is slicing off the spider's legs

Thelin encounters five creatures of Nightmare

Malifon was killed so Jonnyfive takes over as main tank

After being resurrected, Malifon rushes in to stab the nightstalker with his horned helmet

Thelin encounters six creatures of Nightmare

The situation becomes chaotic

Hyperion attempts crowd control

Our enchanters, healers, and shaman start dropping which resulted in a wipe-out

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