Rimzig's Journal
Friday, April 25, 2003

Jade Dynasty North Temple of Veeshan Raid

Sontalak was in the way outside the Temple of Veeshan so Jade Dynasty took him out

Jade Dynasty battles Yendilor the Cerulean Wing, Belijor the Emerald Eye and Ajorek the Crimson Fang

The three named drakes are tanked at the same time

The drakes are no match to the force of Jade Dynasty

The battle with Aaryonar begins

Aaryonar is a bit too big for the hallway

Aaryonar is tanked back and forth in the hallway while casters avoid Area Effect around the corner

Aaryonar is slain

Lord Feshlak casts an Area Effect spell

Lord Feshlak feels the might of Jade Dynasty

Lord Feshlak becomes slightly agitated

Lord Feshlak is lifeless

Dagarn the Destroyer is pinned against the wall

Dagarn the Destroyer is dead

Lord Kreizenn casts an Area Effect bad breath spell

Lord Kreizenn needs a mint

Lord Kreizenn is about to collapse

Lord Kreizenn gasps the last breath

Lord Kreizenn is slain

Jade Dynasty admires their victory against Lord Kreizenn

Lord Koi`Doken casts an Area Effect spell

Lord Koi`Doken is also known as The Fish

Lord Koi`Doken whip-lashes from the smack-down of Jade Dynasty

Lord Koi`Doken is fish food

Lady Mirenilla is also known as The Happy Dragon

Lady Mirenilla attempts to eat the main tank

Lady Mirenilla is not fond of smelly dwarf hors d'oeuvre and spits out the main tank

Lady Mirenilla takes a dirt nap

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