Sunday, July 6, 2003

Jade Dynasty engages Auliffe Chaoswind

Auliffe Chaoswind feels the force of Jade Dynasty

Auliffe Chaoswind attempts to swat us

Auliffe Chaoswind is stunned

Auliffe Chaoswind takes his last step and begins to fall on his face

I inflicted 20,172 damage on Auliffe Chaoswind

The main tank engages Brynju Thunderclap while a brann kriger is mezzed

The melees engage and the nuking begins

I (upper right corner) nuked Brynju Thunderclap with Frozen Wind (700DD)

Brynju Thunderclap staggers from the damage being inflicted on him

Arrows flying and fireworks galore

Brynju Thunderclap has been pushed into the wall

Brynju Thunderclap fell like a ton of bricks

I inflicted 12,138 damage on Brynju Thunderclap

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