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Bow of the Huntman

Well it seems that there are lots of threads with questions about this so hopefully my post will clear things up enough for everyone.

The quest involves 2 mobs. One is Vluudeen, a reddish-brown wurm in the Great Divide. I usually find him sitting in the hall on the way to the crystaline shardwurm cave. The other is Gleed Dragonhunter, a frost giant that is on the way to King Tormax.

Vluudeen carries Vluudeen's tail:

Vluudeen is blue to a level 60 and has lots of hit points. I'd say over 10000 hit points. Once you kill him and get his tail, you can attempt to turn the tail in for the Bow of the Huntsman.

You must have non-KOS Storm Giant faction! (Kromzek)

There are several see-invis Storm Giants on the way to the area where Gleed Dragonhunter is. It's ok if Gleed is KOS to you.. you'll be sneaking behind him the whole time.

Once you have checked your faction with Storm Giants and are not KoS, you can attempt to turn in the tail to Gleed for the bow.

The path you take to Gleed is shown on the map below.

In the picture below you see me standing in front of a flag. Below that flag in the lower area is where Gleed Dragonhunter stands. You can sneak at the point where I am standing in the picture. Test it by targetting Gleed and if he cons indifferent you are sneaking. (Gleed sees invis btw)

Once you are sneaking, you can drop down behind Gleed. Be very careful that you drop behind him and not in front of him (i.e. take it slow) so that he won't aggro. Leave sneak on during this whole process. Hand in the tail to Gleed and you should get your bow as a reward. Now you sneak off to Gleed's left and back up to the bridge. There's a spot where you have to jump up a bit to get to the very top. It's safe to not be sneaking there. The wolf is also far enough away to not aggro on you when you are visible to hand in the bow.

In the picture below the first arrow path show where you drop down behind Gleed. The second arrow path is the path you take to get back up and out of the area.

Your reward is the very cool Bow of the Huntsman:

Author: Chromite Swiftpaw, The Forgotten Order, Fennin Ro Server

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