Coldain Insignia Rings Quests

Ring #1 Copper Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #2 Silver Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #3 Gold Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #4 Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #5 Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #6 Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #7 Aquamantium Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #8 Velium Coldain Insignia Ring
Ring #9 ? Coldain Insignia Ring (incomplete)
Tips and Tricks

This is Step One of the quest.

You say, 'hail Garadain Glacierbane'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hrmff, what's this? A spy sent from the giant heathens, or the selfrighteous wurms perhaps? Either way, you'd be no [friend] of the great Coldain.

You say, 'I am a friend of the great coldain'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A friend, you say? That remains to be seen. Much more to being a friend of the Coldain than just sayin' so. Anyway, I'm too [tired] to argue about it. I haven't slept in days.

You say, 'why are you tired'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Did I say tired? Exhausted is more like it. Ever since that blizzard last week I haven't slept a wink. I came back from huntin' snow orcs to find that my [blanket] had blown away and now I'm just too tired to rustle up a new one.

You say, 'what blanket'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Not just any old blanket, mind ye, mine was made of the finest tundra kodiak hides and snow panther skins, two of each. When I was wrapped up in it ya couldn't see me a bit, no, I blended right into the snow, I did. Say, if you be a friend, here's yer chance to prove it. Sew me up a new blanket so I can get some rest.

Now you need to collect the pelts to make the blanket. You kill Tundra Kodiaks in Eastern Wastes and get two High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelts. Then you can kill snow cougars in Eastern Wastes OR Iceclad Ocean. The cougars in Iceclad are a lot easier to kill and seem to be much more plentiful. Kill them til you have two High Quality Cougar Skins. Once you have all four skins, combine them in a sewing kit. My tailoring skill was 28 and I did not fail on this step the first time. The second time I attempted it I failed. It probably would be best to raise your tailoring skill to around 50 or 60 before attempting the blanket since the tundra kodiak pelts are so uncommon.

Hand in Blanket to Garadain

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, that'll do fine. Take this, it is but a trinket for now, but continue to serve the Coldain and it will grow in power. I must get some rest now, for I have been told my [nephew] has disappeared again and I will need to track him down tomorrow.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

You are awarded the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring:

This is Step Two of the quest.

You say, 'Who is your nephew'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'My nephew, Boridain, keeps running away from home to kill a bothersome [beast], thinking this will prove to all of Thurgadin that he is a great hunter. Every time he does this my sister gets hysterical and I am sent out to find him.

You say, 'What beast'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A rabid tundra kodiak has been feeding on our people for weeks now. If Boridain ever stumbled across the critter I doubt he'd stand a chance. I have a solution, but it would require the [assistance] of an outsider.

You say, 'I will provide assistance'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'I'm taking a liking to you stranger. Your eagerness to help us will not go unnoticed. Find my nephew and give him this axe. It should keep him from hurting himself. Return to me with the ring and proof that he is safe.

Go to -2500, 1500. Boridain is on a flat spot of a mountain and several giants, wolves and orcs path through this area. Boridain is on Beta-Neutral faction at this point so he is not KoS to anything.

You say, 'hail Boridain Glacierbane'

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Hello stranger, I am Boridain, master hunter of the Coldain. Glad to meet you.

Hand in the Dull Bladed Axe to Boridain.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Say! This looks just like the axe my uncle uses. With this I can kill the beast for sure! Now please, be very quiet, I must track my prey. I won't return to Thurgadin without the hide of the rabid tundra kodiak!

At this point Boridain despawns and then respawns with an axe in his hand and is now aligned with the Coldain faction. People have charmed Boridain and buffed him up to give him more HPs to keep him alive. I attempted to do this with an enchanter friend but we buffed the wrong one (the one we buffed despawned. After running through this step I found the best method was to use harmony on both Boridain AND anything in his path. He is a madman - he'll attack anything and everything. Just keep him harmonied and he'll be a bit more calm.

He walks from his plateau for a bit then emotes this:

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Hmmm, fresh prints. They're HUGE! This must be it! This hunting stuff is easier than I thought.

Now he heads to the Frost Giant fort entrance. Be sure to harmony the giants at the entrance before he gets there!

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Hmm, that wasn't him.Let see now, if I were a rabid tundra beast where would I go? This way!

Now he walks towards the prison camp area and stops to get a bite to eat. His stopping point is -1150, 1000 and stays there for 2 minutes.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Boy, all this hunting sure does make ya hungry! Time for a snack.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, that's better. Back to the hunt... I think I hear something over yonder. Stay low.

Now he goes to a corral thingy in the Prison Camp area. Sometimes there is a giant and an orc here. I just harmonied them and kept harmony on Boridain and they all ignored each other.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Where did that vile beast go now? Wait, what's that over there? Could it be? Only one way to find out!

He starts off towards the Orc Fort and stops midway to take a little rest. His stopping point is -2000, 1400. He stays here for two minutes.

Boridain Glacierbane yawns, 'All this tracking is makin me mighty sleepy. Time for a little nap. You keep a lookout.

Boridain Glacierbane stretches, 'Ahh, refreshing! Back to work... I think I smell the beast! This way.

Now Boridain goes to the Orc Fort entrance. Make sure you keep him harmonied as well as any orcs at the gate.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'I just don't get it. I thought that was him for sure. I don't see any sign of him now.

Now Boridain goes back to the spot you originally found him and sits down at the corner. (-2300, 1600)

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Who am I kidding, I'm no hunter. I'll never be a hunter. I may as well give up and become a miner like dad.

A Rabid Tundra Kodiak spawns and starts to creep up to him from behind. Kill it before it gets to him and have someone guard the dorf so he doesn't get killed by passing baddies.

Now you hand in the skin to Baradain and he gives you his axe to give back to Garadain.

Boridain Glacierbane says 'Yes! I've done it! The vile beast is finally dead. I will at last be revered as the mighty hunter I am. Here is your axe back, I broke it on the killing blow. Take it as proof that you are a friend of the greatest hunter in the history of the Coldain!
You gain party experience!!

Now go back to Garadain and hand him the Broken Axe and the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Excuse me, Chromite , aren't you forgetting something?
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Well done friend! My nephew is safe at home and his thirst for adventure is quenched for now. The beast will claim no more of our people. I couldn't have handled it better myself. Now I can get back to the business of [hunting].
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

You are awarded the Silver Coldain Insignia Ring:

This is Step Three of the quest.

You say, 'What are you hunting'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'My camp here boasts the most proficient hunters in the recorded history of the mighty Coldain empire. We alone could feed an entire clan. Things have been frustratingly [slow] lately, though.

You say, 'Why have they been slow'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'After years of skinning the hides of the giantmen, my hunting knife has lost its edge. The dull blade has slowed me down considerably. It has served me well, but a new [knife] would make me a much more proficient hunter.

You say, 'I can help get you a new knife'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hunt a wooly rhino and take his tusk, then take a flawless hide from a walrus. Combine them in a forge with a skinning rock and bring me the new knife and the silver insignia ring.

Now you go and hunt wooly rhinos until you get a horn (it's not a tusk). The horn is not too uncommon. Then hunt walruses until you get a High Quality Walrus Skin. After getting those ../items you need to search around the Sleeper's Tomb entrance (the sleeping dragon statue) and look for red dots on the ground. Those red dots signify a skinning rock. Pick one up and then you have all the ingredients to make the knife in a forge. My smithing skill was 33 when I made my knife.

Now you hand in the Coldain Hunting Knife and the Silver Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Excuse me, Chromite , aren't you forgetting something?
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Hrmm, not quite the work of a Coldain. Barely functional, in fact. I'll be needing to touch this up a bit. Fetch me a Coldain [smithing hammer] and I'll be sure to tell my associates in Thurgadin of your deeds.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

You are awarded the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring:

This is Step Four of the quest.

You say, 'Where do I find a coldain smithing hammer?'

Garadain Glacierbane says '[Tain] Hammerfrost can get you one. Find him and give him this.

Garadain hands you a Note to Tain. This note is useless, Tain just takes it and does nothing for it.

You say, 'Where is Tain Hammerfrost'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Tain left a short time ago, he said he had a score to settle with a particular Kromriff.

Tain Hammerfrost spawns over the hill in front of the giant ice bridge.

Tain Hammerfrost lies bleeding on the ground moaning, 'Ohhhh, someone...help, please...'

You say, 'hail Tain Hammerfrost'

Tain Hammerfrost says 'The bloody Kromrif ambushed me! I escaped, but I am near death. They'll be tracking me down to finish me off at any moment. Without [help], I'm as good as dead.

You say, 'I will help you'

Tain Hammerfrost says 'Thank Brell! I hear them approaching from just over that hill! Slay the leader, Ghrek, and give me his elixir.

At this point Tain Hammerfrost falls to the ground and 4 giants spawn. One is Ghrek Squatnot and the rest are 'a frost giant'. These range from like level 43-level 45. Aggro all 4 of them and pull them away from Tain. Kill Ghrek and loot the Frozen Elixir from his corpse.

Hand the Frozen Elixir to Tain Hammerfrost and he will give you a Coldain Smithing Hammer.

Tain Hammerfrost says 'I will report your selfless actions when I return to Thurgadin. Take this for your troubles, friend. I hope you find it useful. Fare thee well.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

Head back to Garadain and hand in the Coldain Smithing Hammer and the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Excuse me, Chromite , aren't you forgetting something?
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Ahh, there we go now, that's more like it. It would be time to return to the hunt were it not for the [plans] our spies have discovered.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

You are awarded the Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring:

This is Step Five of the quest.

You say, 'What plans'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'The bloody Ry'Gorr, friends of the frost giants, plan to raid our encampment. Their captain, Scarbrow Ga'hruk is leading the raid. I need someone to intercept his [orders] so we may prepare for the attack. Without them we could be in serious trouble.

You say, 'I will intercept his orders'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Find the Ry'Gorr messenger and cut him down. Bring the message he carries to my lookout. When the attack is thwarted, return to me with the head of Scarbrow and the platinum insignia ring.

The messenger spawns at the prison camp and then runs straight to the Ry`Gorr fort. He is a random spawn and sometimes can spawn within 10 minutes or less of his last death. Kill him and you get the plans.

Take the plans to the camp with Garadain Glacierbane and hand them to the coldain lookout. As soon as you hand them in 5 orcs spawn. 2 are oracles and 2 are centurions I believe. The fifth orc is Scarbrow Ga`Hruk himself. He is a 45+ Shadow Knight and can be solo'd by a level 60 ranger. Scarbrow often has a nice caster/priest item on his corpse. It is called a Frozen Orb and fits in the range slot.

a coldain lookout shouts ' Aahhh..You're too late! They're upon us! To arms men! Death to Scarbrow!
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

Scarbrow Ga`Hruk shouts 'For the glory of the Ry`Gorr, charge!!
Scarbrow Ga`Hruk says 'Crush, maim, kill, and defy! For dinner tonight, your brains we shall fry!

Item Lore: Scarbrow's Decapitated Head.

Hand in your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring and Head of Scarbrow.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Excuse me, Chromite , aren't you forgetting something?
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Without your assistance, we would have lost our camp and our lives. Again, I thank you. Now that you have proven your loyalty to the throne I have a special [favor] to ask of you.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

You are awarded the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring:

This is Step Six of the quest.

You say, 'What favor'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'For several seasons there has been an unsolved mystery in this land. Not far from here an elite team of Coldain and their trained wolves were gathered to make a strike at the Kromrif. No one knows just what became of our strike force. Bring me proof of their fate and proof that whoever was responsible for their loss is no more.

Find Korrigain the ghost. He spawns at 10pm game time.

You say, 'hail Korrigain'

Korrigain says 'Who dares disturb my rest? If ye be a friend of the mighty Coldain, then show me proof and I shall tell you of my plight. If not, then be on your way.

Hand him your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring and he hands it back to you unchanged. Icefang in the hut nearby will respawn and come out to be buffed by Korrigain. Icefang takes off running around and eventually leads you to the orc camp by the big Ice Bridge.

Korrigain says 'Many seasons ago I stood here in life with my comrades, the best warriors Thurgadin had to offer. Along with our faithful wolven army we were poised to eliminate the Kromrif presence in the region. Somehow, the enemy was made aware of our plans and just before our attack, a group of Ry'Gorr oracles charmed our wolves, forcing them to tear down their own masters. We were caught by surprise and died a savage death.

Icefang whimpers as he approaches.

Korrigain says 'All that remains from that battle is my loyal Icefang. He will not rest until I am avenged. Follow and watch after him. He alone knows where our attackers lie and he cannot overcome them by himself. May Brell bless you with success, farewell.

Just before you get to the camp Icefang stops and sniffs at the ground and growls. At this time Poxbreath Yellowfang spawns beside the campfire at the orc camp. You don't need to wait for Icefang to get there to engage him. I recommend that you clear the orc camp before handing in your ring to Korrigain so the camp is clear and Icefang doesn't get killed.

*** NOTE *** The above has changed slightly. Now 3 oracles of Ry`Gorr spawn along with Poxbreath. A level 55 monk and level 60 ranger were able to take them out with no problem. Poxbreath and the oracles all conned blue to a level 60.

Icefang sniffs at the ground and growls, baring his teeth.
Icefang wags his tail and howls in victory.

Poxbreath Yellowfang is a level 45+ shaman and was easy to kill for a level 60 ranger. When he died he had 4 ../items on his corpse. I am not sure if it's random as to the number of loot but he had 3 pieces of normal orc loot (Orc Fang Earring, Orc Fang Necklace, Ry`Gorr chain armor) and the Note from Kromrif.

The note reads as follows:

Now you need to find Rodrick. In the note it identifies him as Rodrick Kotrad, but that might just be to try and conceal his true identity. Anyhow, Rodrick spawns after a scripted sequence that happens near the orc fort. His spawnplace is the zoneout from Crystal Caverns that is outside the Orc Fort.

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Where is that sniveling little worm?
Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'He was supposed to be here hours ago!
Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'I don't know why the chief tolerates this insolent fool. If he is discovered he'll betray us for sure.
Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'If he makes me wait another minute I'll gut him myself...

After a bit of pacing back and forth for the Emissary, Rodrick finally spawns.

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Ahh, good to see you my little friend, I was beginning to think something had happened to you.

Rodrick Tardok says 'I had to take extra measures to be sure I wasn't followed. I sense that someone is on to me. You know I am risking my life for this.

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'You are just a paranoid little man, Rodrick. That's not your fault, it's in your blood. It's what makes your kind weak and unworthy. As for the risk, that's what you're paid so well for.

Rodrick Tardok says 'Yes, the rewards have been most generous... But what good is money if I am discovered by the Dain? After the massacre he is already suspicious and...

Ry`Gorr Emissary interrupts Rodrick, 'Chief Ry`gorr himself told me to assure you that the time draws near. When the Kromrif invade Thurgadin there will be no more Dain. The citizens will be enslaved and you will be placed upon the throne to govern over them.

Rodrick Tardok says 'Okay, okay, please do not tell the chief of my anxiety

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'You have my word, now what news do you bring?

Rodrick Tardok says 'You have taken a prisoner, one that is very dear to the Dain. His name is Corbin Blackwell.

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Yes, our interrogators are working with him now. He is sure to have some valuable information forthcoming any time now.

Rodrick Tardok says 'You had better hurry with him, the Dain has made his recovery a top priority. A team of elite Coldain will be attempting to rescue him in a matter of hours.

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'Very well, we will be prepared. Again you have come through for the chief. This will not be forgotten. We will contact you again soon.

At this point the Emissary walks away from Rodrick and then into the orc fort. He stands in front of the Oracle of Ry`Gorr and the following is said:

Ry`Gorr Emissary says 'My liege, I have spoken with the Coldain informant. I have some urgent news for the chief. It seems the Dain takes a special interest in our new prisoner. He has dispatched special forces to rescue this Corbin Blackwell from our interrogators.

Oracle of Ry`Gorr laughs, 'We will prepare for this rescue party. They will not be heard from again. I will inform the Chief, dismissed.

Kill Rodrick and on his corpse will be Rodrick's Head and the Dirk of the Traitor. Below is the faction hit for slaying Rodrick:

You have slain Rodrick Tardok!
Your faction standing with RygorrClanSnowOrcs got worse

Item Lore: Head of a treacherous Coldain.

Give the Note from Kromrif, Rodrick's Head and your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Excuse me, Chromite , aren't you forgetting something?
Garadain Glacierbane says 'Excuse me, Chromite , aren't you forgetting something?
Garadain Glacierbane lowers his head and mutters, 'At least there will be some closure for their families, thanks to you. The Ry`gorr will pay for this with their lives! I will ask you to help us in the invasion of Ry`gorr keep, but first I have a delicate [mission] I was hoping you'd handle.'
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

You are awarded the Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring.

This is Step Seven of the quest.

You say, 'What mission'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'A Coldain... A very important Coldain, has been abducted by the Rygorr. He was gathering information that is imperative to our victory over the brainless heathens. You must find him before he is killed and escort him to safety. Return to me with proof that Corbin Blackwell is safe.

Go to the prison camp and you will find a dwarf being held captive.

Interrogator of Ry`Gorr says 'Today you will die stumpy one. It is simply a question of how much pain you will endure first. Tell me when the attack on Ry`gorr Keep is planned and I promise I will make your passing swift and painless.

Corbin Blackwell glares at the orc,'I know not what you speak of, vermin. Your kind isn't worthy of our attention. Kill me now and reunite me with the heroes who have gone before me.

Interrogator of Ry`Gorr says 'Guard! Get me my tools.

Interrogator of Ry`Gorr says 'This is your last chance pitiful scum, when is the attack on Ry`gorr Keep planned?

Corbin Blackwell says 'Listen carefully vile beast, if there were an attack planned there would be nothing you and your pitiful clan of inbred halfwits could do about it. If and when the Dain attacks, you and your kind will be no more.

Interrogator of Ry`Gorr says 'Well see about that, the Dain will have a little surprise should he decide to invade our lands.

Interrogator of Ry`Gorr says 'Your stubbornness is only going to make things worse for you. Now, we know the Dain is planning an attack on Ry`gorr Keep. When is this to be?

Corbin Blackwell spits in the face of his captor and says, 'Kill me now and get it over with, stupid beast! I'll tell you nothing!

Interrogator of Ry`Gorr says 'Suit yourself tinyman, we can do this the hard way if you insist.

You say, 'hail Corbin Blackwell'

Corbin Blackwell says 'Hurry! Theres not much time, give me the key and show me proof that you are a friend sent to rescue me...

You say, 'what key'

Corbin Blackwell says 'You mean to tell me you don't have the key to unshackle me? Wonderful... I'm being rescued by a half-wit! I am stuck here until you find a way to unlock my restraints.

The key is carried by a named frost giant named Warden Bruke. He spawns in one of the stone structures in the prison camp. His placeholder is 'Kromrif Prison Guard'. The spawntime on this placeholder is 6 minutes. Just keep killing the PH til Warden Bruke spawns. He is 100% immune to magic so snare/root/slow won't stick on him. He is able to be hit with fire based spells. When he is aggro'd anywhere from 2 to 13 'Kromrif Guard' mobs will spawn and run into the stone structure. He has a lot of HPs and hits for 130 max. When he dies there will be a key and a Frost Giant Femur on the corpse.

Now you walk over to the area where Corbin Blackwell is being held captive. Kill the 2 giant guards out front and the 3 orcs inside. Pre-buff and sow everyone in your group at this point. When your healers are full mana hand in the key and your ring and Corbin will start his walk to Dobbin Crossaxe. Your ring is returned by Corbin when you hand it in.

Corbin Blackwell says 'I thought I was a dwarfskin rug there for a minute! Thank Brell for your help stranger! Now cover me while I make good my escape. I am weakened and cannot endure much more.

Corbin Blackwell says 'Almost there now, just a bit further...
Your Location is -547.24, -1354.12, 221.15

Corbin Blackwell says 'Uh oh, looks like they were tipped off somehow... I hope you can handle them.

At this point Commander Bahreck, 2 Kromriff Soldiers and 5 Ry`Gorr Bashers spawn. The bashers come in from all 4 sides and 2 soldiers come from one side and the Commander from another. You need to aggro them all and get them away from Corbin. Having a snarer for this stage is pretty handy. At level 60 trying to get these mobs aggro'd on you is pretty tough. It's probably a good idea to have a level 55 or so warrior to aggro all the mobs then have someone pick them off him with snare.

Commander Bahreck shouts 'For the honor of Rallos Zek! Attack!

When slain, the Bashers can have regular Ry`Gorr Elite loot. The Commander always has a Giant Woven Vest.

Corbin Blackwell says 'I have escaped! With the help of our friends here I was saved from certain death. We are in their debt.

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'We thought it was too late, the Dain will be very pleased!

After about 15 seconds Dobbin Crossaxe will respawn and tell you to hand in your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring. Do NOT hand it in until he says this! And don't waste time handing it in after he says it, either.

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'Please friend, show me your Mithril ring and I will show you our gratitude.

You hand in your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring and in return you get a Note From Corbin. Dobbin does not return your Mithril Ring.

Dobbin Crossaxe says 'Thank you, Chromite , your deeds will be mentioned to the Dain. Please take this note from Corbin to Garadain, it may help him to achieve victory over the enemy.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

Now go back to Garadain and hand in the Note from Corbin.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Thank you, Chromite , your service to our people has been most helpful. The time has come for our people to make war with the Ry`gorr. They must pay for their transgressions against our people. We are just waiting on you. Prepare yourself for glorious battle and tell me when you are [ready].
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

You are awarded the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring.

This is Step Eight of the quest.

You say, 'I am ready'

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Very well, Chromite , give me the Adamantite ring and I will give you the marching orders. Once the orders are given to Gloradin in the next hut, we will be underway. You then must follow me to what will be our battleground. I must warn you, I will hold your ring until the head of Chief Ry`gorr is given to me. If we fail, all will be lost... for both of us.

Hand your ring in to Garadain.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Give this to Gloradin and return to me immediately, it is time. May Brell be with us!
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

Item Lore: Orders signed by Dain Frostreaver IV.

Hand the orders in to Gloradin.

Gloradin Coldheart says 'Thank you. I will return to the Dain and inform him that the battle is underway. Please escort Garadain to the battlefield and see that he returns safely. May Brell bless you and bring you victory over these beasts.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

At this point there should be a group of your friends inside the orc fort. Once you hand in the marching orders you should invis up and head in to the fort with your friends. Basically, it's best to let Garadain walk his path and do his pep talk while you are busy killing the mobs in the courtyard.

Chief Ry`Gorr, Oracle of Ry`Gorr and Firbrand the Black spawn in the courtyard along with 2 Kromrif Commanders. Kill the chief first (a high level puller is needed for single pulls.. or harmony) and then kill the rest before Garadain arrives. Firbrand the Black seems to always have a Dark Ember and Gauntlets of the Black when killed. The Oracle of Ry`Gorr always has a Ry`Gorr Oracle Shield and the Chief always has the Spine Chill Spear.

By the time you are done Garadain should walk through the gate and you can hand in the head of the Chief.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Follow me closely, friend, time is of the essence. I will describe our situation as we walk.

Your pulse quickens in anticipation of battle!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'The Dain's own royal troops will be at our disposal for the battle. This is good news, they are hardened, experienced soldiers. The bad news is that our sources indicate that the Ry`gorr have been alerted to our presence and will be ready for an attack. This is most unfortunate... They will not go down without a fierce fight.

You hear the pounding of Ry`gorr war drums.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'It is of utmost importance that you stay with me throughout the fight. Your focus must be on killing Chief Rygorr and keeping me alive, mind that you do not become distracted. If I fall the Dain's men will retreat and you'll definitely be cut down.

Garadain walks to the ridge overlooking the orc fort and sees the orcs and giants that are guarding the fort.

Garadain Glacierbane groans, 'It is worse than I thought. Not only are they prepared for an attack, but they have the Kromrif here to help them. Our steel will be tested today. Be sure not to show the troops any fear.

Garadain walks to -2480, 670 and starts to give his troops a pep talk.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'TROOPS! FALL IN!!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Listen up men!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'You all know why were here. For decades these savages have menaced our people. Recent events have been too much to bear and the Dain has declared war! We will stop at nothing short of the Ry`gorr's annihilation!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'No longer will we tolerate their heathen presence in our lands! Never again will we mourn the loss of a Coldain to these pawns of the Kromrif! Our deeds here today shall make this land safe for Coldain for all time!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Today the Ry`gorr fall! Tomorrow the Kromrif!!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Fall out men!!

The dwarven army runs to the orc fort and engages the enemies in a grand battle!

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Stay back from the initial charge, my friend. We will go directly for the chief once the troops are engaged. Follow me closely!

Garadain Glacierbane shouts 'For the Glory of Thurgadin! CHARGE!!

At this point Garadain runs into the orc fort and begins to engage the mobs inside if they are still up.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Well done, friend! Give me the head of the chief. The Dain will want it for his trophy room.

Item Lore: Head of chief Rygorr.

Garadain Glacierbane says 'Good work friend! The Dain will hear of this right away. We couldn't have defeated the Ry'gorr without your help. Take this ring as proof that you have served the Coldain well. You may wish to show it to the Seneschal should you ever stop in our fine city. Farewell, Chromite , it has been my pleasure knowing you.
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain party experience!!

You are awarded the Velium Coldain Insignia Ring.

This is Step Nine of the quest.

Head into Thurgadin and then go to Icewell Keep. Find Seneschal Aldikar and hand him your ring. He was dubious to me but I snuck behind him to get him to indifferent just to be safe.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Well done, Chromite , I have heard of your victory over the Ry`Gorr. If you are willing to assist the crown further please follow me.

Seneschal Aldikar walks to a room and waits there. Shut the door and listen to him.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Please, shut the door behind you. What I am about to share with you must not be overheard.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'My army stands prepared to launch an assault on Kael itself, but one task must be completed before this can happen.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'It seems Rodrick was not alone in his treachery. There is a faction of Coldain who believe that a treaty should be signed with the Kromrif, ending our hostilities with them. This, of course, is impossible. If there is one thing our history here has taught us it is that the Kromrif simply cannot be trusted.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'These traitors are poisoning the minds of our citizens, promising great rewards to those who will betray the Dain. It will take the unbiased eye of an outlander to flush out the masterminds behind this plan. Once again we turn to you.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Will you accept this task outlander?

You say, 'I will accept this task'

Seneschal Aldikar says 'In this box, place the accursed dirk of the fallen Rodrick. With it combine the heads of every traitor you dispose of. When this is done give the box and the velium insignia ring to the Dain directly. On behalf of the crown and all good Coldain, I thank you ... May Brell be with you.

Seneschal Aldikar says 'Farewell.

You are given a 6 slot container to put the Dirk of the Traitor and 5 heads in:

Now you head to the Great Divide. There is a tunnel at -5500, 3500. Inside that tunnel are several dwarves that con dubiously to me. When killed they give no faction hits at all. Wait around for a while and Murdrick Tardok will spawn. Alternately, you can just kill Davin Fatfist and Murdrick will spawn soon after Davin respawns. You'll need to kill Murdrick to get his plan and his head so as soon as he spawns you need to pull him out and do damage to him. I've found that harmony doesn't really work too well in this encounter but if you can manage to pull Murdrick out with none of the female dwarves aggroing, you can snare all the other dwarves and just kite Murdrick away to be killed by your group. You must kill Murdrick fast otherwise he will despawn.

Murdrick Tardok says 'Good day my friends, it is good to see you all are alive and well.

Davin Fatfist says 'Well, we are alive, but I'd hardly say we're well... We have heard of the death of Rodrick, and the Dain is calling on all citizens of Thurgadin to flush out any opposition to the throne. If we're tied to your dealings with the Kromrif we'll be sent to the bottom of the well for sure.

Murdrick Tardok says 'The Dain knows nothing, and I have a plan to keep it that way. I have given the matter much thought, and I have gathered you all here to ask for your help.

Gerton Dumkin says 'We all saw what happened when Rodrick agreed to help you. I, for one, am none too eager to take on these new friends of the Dain.

Murdrick Tardok says 'Rodrick knew what he was getting into, and so did you. It's a bit too late for second thoughts. I don't recall seeing any hesitation when the loot was being passed around.

Lapker Geynion says 'Go ahead Murdrick, what's this plan of yours?

Murdrick Tardok says 'As I said I've thought long and hard of our situation and I feel we are indeed in danger. My cousin Berradin is a captain in the Dain's army. I've always been uneasy about him, but now more than ever. He could easily betray many of us and take credit for destroying the rebellion.

Murdrick Tardok says 'My plan is to poison him and plant a suicide note on the body, a note in which he would take full responsibility for the actions of the rebels. This would both ensure that he could never betray us and would give the Dain closure. We will be free to continue working with our Kromrif friends without fear of discovery.

Davin Fatfist says 'Sounds good boss, but how do you plan on poisoning him?

Murdrick Tardok says 'Berradin has a weakness for drink, one drink in particular... Avalanche Ale. I have had the recipe altered slightly to include a deadly poison. I have much to do, I need one of you to brew the drink and bring it to me. I'll handle the rest.

Gerton Dumkin chuckles, 'Once again, Murdrick, you've put us at ease in the middle of a treacherous predicament. I will volunteer to brew the drink.

Murdrick Tardok smiles, 'Very well, take this recipe and follow it exactly. It won't be easy, but you'll be richly rewarded for your efforts I assure you. Send word to meet me back here when you are finished.

Gerton Dumkin says 'Consider it done. Be sure to watch yourself Murd, the Dain's gotta be suspicious of ya, being Rodrick's brother and all. And those outlander friends of his are dangerous, chopped down the Ry`Gorr chief like he was nothin!

Murdrick Tardok says 'I must be off, be well friends. I will send word when we are to meet again. Until that day, be strong! Together we will overcome any obstacles!

When Murdrick is slain he has the following on his corpse:

Item Lore: Murdrick's Head

Captain Berradin is in a hut in Eastern Wastes. He is surrounded by 4 or 5 bodyguards that all con blue to a level 60. The captain cons green to level 60. When attacked, the captain shouts.

Captain Berradin shouts 'Yer messin with the wrong Coldain, prepare ta meet yer ancestors!

There is also a new and very suspicious looking dwarf in the giant fort in Eastern Wastes. She casts invisibility so make sure you have see invis.

You say, 'hail Peffin Ambersnow'

Peffin Ambersnow gasps in astonishment, 'Oh, I uh... err, hello there. Umm, thank Brelll you're here, those bloody Kromrif were going to torture me! Yes, yes, and you've saved me! How can I ever repay you?

You say, 'who is murdrick?'

Peffin Ambersnow looks away and stammers, 'Ehh, ahh, Mur who?

You say, 'who is captain berradin'

Peffin Ambersnow goes even paler than usual, 'Hmm, Berradin you say? Sorry, but I've never even heard the name.


Author: Chromite Swiftpaw, The Forgotten Order, Fennin Ro Server


Ring #1 - HQ cougar Skins are rare. HQ Tundra Kodiak Pelts are very rare.

Ring #2 - Use Harmony on all mobs including Boridain. Train the giants at giant fort to Berrandin or Garadain camps before hand. Make sure you get the captain too. He walks in and out of the giant fort. Take Captain to Garadain since Berradin camp is too weak for him.

Ring #3 - Not much to say here.

Ring #4 - Easy way to do this is to agro all 4 giants right when they pop then start running. One by one pick a non-Ghrek giant and snare him. Keep running. Once you get out of range of the snared giant he will depop. He won't go back and kill Tain. Now you have 3 giants. Rinse and repeat until you are left with Ghrek. Get an SK or Necro to help you kill Ghrek using fear. Tain won't be there when you get back but you can wait 2 hours then trigger quest and hand in the elixer before giants reach Tain.

Ring #5 - Have one person hand in the invasion plans, 1 person (ranger/druid) responsible for harmony, and 1 person pull Scarbrow away and to the side of the other 5-6 orcs. You have to do this *VERY* fast. Scar was an easy fight for level 46 Ranger and 57 SK.

Ring #6 - Rodrick is completely MR resistant so don't bother trying to snare. Basically you need to melee it out with him so have a healer or more melee types to help you. Pox can be solo pulled using harmony. Again have healer or more melee types.

Ring #7 Step 1 - Don't fight Warden at his spawn point because 3-4 other giants spawn when you agro him (its a trap.) Target Warden then go off to the side along hill and pull from there using long range bow to avoid agroing the other giants.

Ring #7 Step 2 - Clear prison gaurds and orcs by training to Garadain camp. Hand in the shackle keys and ring six (you get ring back.) Corbin begins walking. 15 seconds prior to the ambush he says "We are almost there now." Then 1 sec prior to ambush he says "They are upon us!" or something to that effect. Easiest way to do this is to smack corbin and agro him, pull back towards the water before the giants/orcs agro Corbin. You might get a few giants/orcs (instead of all 8) and if this happens just snare/root them and get some distance between them so they stop chasing you. At this point Corbin will still be mad at whoever smacked him so have him snare/root Corbin and camp. Once root lifts Corbin won't move. He will stand there for about five minutes doing absolutely nothing while you wonder if you just screwed up your quest. Then he will thank you for saving him and continue on his way to Dobbin Crossaxe.

When I did this last step with another ranger (just the two of us) the other ranger didn't smack Corbin fast enough and we ended up with 2 giants and 3 orcs chashing Corbin who was in turn chasing my fellow ranger. What I did was snared them one by one and left them in the dust. Then when we were far enough the other ranger snared/rooted Corbin, camped, then came back. At this point the 3 other orcs actually caught up to us and we killed them pretty easily with the help of Corbin. Corbin is pretty tough (not like Boridain.) I watched him solo one of the orcs and he came out with almost full hp. The orcs are pretty easy though. They were green to level 48. The giants on the other hand are not. Don't let Corbin agro on the giants.

Right now I have rings 7 and 5. Tonight I hope to get rings 7 and 6. For ring 8 I'm going to need a nice group to help me.


Author: Viken, Brell Server

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