Rimzig Ravenglade
Ivy Etched Bracer Quest

Ivy Etched Bracer Quest

Three items are needed for the Ivy Etched Bracer Ranger only armor quest, a Water Ring, a Rune of Ivy (bottom) and a fire emerald.  The Water Ring ran be found on the tidal lord aqua goblins (level 22-24) in Dagnor's Caldron.  It is easiest to hunt near the Unrest so you have a quick escape in case you are overwhelmed by goblins.  The Rune of Ivy (bottom) can be found on Redwind (level 29 Shadow Knight with harm touch) surrounded by 4 ivy orcs (level 24) in Everfrost.  Merchants sell the fire emerald for about 95pp.  Give the Water Ring, a Rune of Ivy (bottom) and a fire emerald to Gandari in Kithicor Forest and she will reward you with the Ivy Etched Bracer and experience.  Factions will improve for: KithicorResidents, ProtectorsofPine, JaggedPineTreefolk.  Faction will worsen for: UnkemptDruids.

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