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Thurfagin Gate Potion

Guide to Making the Thurgadin Gate Potion

These were introduced into the game as part of the 4th step of the Coldain Prayer Shawl Quest:

Vial of Velium Vapors
Effect: Thurgadin Gate
WT:1 SIZE: Small

First off, you need a Pottery skill somewhere around 120, where these are trivial. See guide at the bottom for a quick way to get this skill. Then go farm Crystal Caverns for Crystalline Silk (stackable), Small Bricks of Velium (non-stackable) and Small Pieces of Velium (stackable). You will need these in the ratio of 3 : 1 : 2 Silks and velium are also found on the near-zone spawns in Velkator's lab but the drop rates seem less than CC and the mobs are definately tougher. The velium may also be found in skyshrine.

The components you need for each potion are as follows:

***Velium Vial***
Combine on pottery wheel:
3 Crystalline Silks (from spiders in CC, stackable)
1 Small Brick of Velium (from orc Miners in CC, non-stackable)
2 Glass Shards (from left-most vendor in Thurg bank, non-stackable)

This results in an unfired vial.

Combine in Kiln (oven right next to wheel):
1 unfired vial
1 High Quality Firing Sheet (from left-most vendor in Thurg bank, non-stackable)

This gives:

Velium Vial
WT: 1.0 Size: Small

***Vial of Velium Vapors*** Now, go out of the bank, turn right and head towards the church (stay left at the fork). Inside the second merchant building on the left is Frundle Frenkler. Hail her and say "what velium vapors?" She tells you the recipie and gives you:

Velium Purifier
Capacity:4 Item Capacity: MEDIUM

Combine in Velium Purifier:
1 Velium Vial
2 Small Pieces of Velium (stackable)

The Purifier will poof and you are holding the Thurg gate potion...congrats.

What I did is make like 5 of the Velium Vials and put them in the bank with a stack of Small Pieces of Velium. When I use the potion I'm carrying to gate to Thurgadin, I can grab a vial and 2 pieces of velium from the bank, run over to Frundle and get the purifier and combine...I have another potion within 2 minutes. The potion will gate you onto the bridge that you cross when you enter Thurgadin.


0-122 skill in Pottery in an hour and < 20pp in Thurgadin

0-102 skill:
Combine in Pottery wheel (the bar stool thing ahead as you enter the bank)
1 Small block of clay (from left-most vendor, non-stackable)
1 Bowl Sketch (from 2nd to the left-most vendor, stackable)
1 water (buy water at Morden's, to the right after you cross the bridges into Thurg)

If you happen to make a bowl, just destroy it and continue. A fast way to do this is to have two empty 10 slot bags that you fill with clay and two open top inventory slots that contain a stack of water and a stack of bowl sketches. Position the open bag of clay and the pottery wheel container so that you can drop in a clay, control-click the stack of water and sketches (this selects one from the stack) and pop combine. The skill goes up very fast, I think my record was eight increases in a row. When this trivials out at skill 102, switch to Medium bowls:

103-122 skill:
1 Medium bowl sketch
1 Block of Clay
1 water

Author: Popin Fearash, Primordium, Tunare Server
Edited by: Helix Trainbreaker, Primordium, Tunare Server
Edited by: Manning Frostpine, The Shady Ranger, Quellious Server

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